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Video Feedback From Clients

Is No Sweat !!! Computer Consultants at 310-392-4840 any good you ask?

Hey, we know you're too smart and skeptical to take our word for it!

You were wondering, what do their clients say ... 

Turn on your speakers and increase the volume. Then click on the PLAY button below. computer repair santa monica arrow  computer repair santa monica arrow  computer repair santa monica arrow  

Ms. Susan Santora, Accountant
Windward Yacht Center
Marina Del Rey, CA

"Los Angeles and Santa Monica
Computer Repair for
 Small Business"

Ms. Susan Santora
Marina Del Rey, CA

Ms. Mara Clifford
Santa Monica, CA

" Computer Repair in Los Angeles & Santa
Monica for Residential

Ms. Mara Clifford
Santa Monica, CA


Mr. Casey Day, Owner
KC's Market
Santa Monica, CA

"Computer Repair in Santa Monica and
Los Angeles for Small Business Clients"

Mr. Casey Day
Santa Monica, CA


Mr. Bela Lehoczky
Limousine Service
Marina Del Rey, CA

"Computer Repairs in Santa Monica,
Marina Del Rey and

Los Angeles for Small Business Clients"

Mr. Bela Lehoczky
Marina Del Rey, CA

Ok, so now you know we can be trusted and you are sure we are a most reliable computer repair and top of the line IT consulting company.

We don't toot out own horn, our clients do.

No job is too small or too large. We love to help small businesses, home office and residential clients.

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Now, while you're thinking about it, is your best time to call 310-392-4840 for WHATEVER your computing needs are. That's right, do it now.


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